AAS-Audio Post Production


The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media (AIMM) provides its post production students with recording/engineering skills, marketing/business skills and post production skills. Our mission is to graduate students with the ability to develop multiple income streams in today’s film and video game industry. AIMM accomplishes this through classroom instruction, practical application, lab instruction, and live clinics featuring today's most well-known and innovative engineers, producers, and industry professionals. Our recording classes provide students with critical skills including basic music theory, signal flow, synthesis and sequencing, basic computing skills, studio interconnection, DAW editing and processing, electronic music production and mastering. These courses are intended to support our post production classes which provide AIMM students with highly marketable skills in location sound, sound design, audio post production, ADR, Foley and mixing for post. In addition, AIMM’s general education courses are designed to provide its students with basic skills in math, science, sociology and humanities tailored specifically to both support its post production/recording curriculum and provide its students with a broad liberal arts education.